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Inside Job

Going into an interview when you feel as though your back is against the wall can be a very intimidating thing.  Knowing that based on how you present and “sell” yourself to the person across the table will impact your future, your family’s future, and the ability to try to gain some financial ground in this game we call life.

I had two of those moments yesterday, both of which proved to be as intimidating as having to get the last out in a no-hit ballgame.  After leaving the first I felt as though I had stepped up to the plate and delivered as best I could have hoped.  I was on point with answers to all their questions, any scenario they posed to me I had a solution for.  It felt as though I had been there before, done that job before, even though I had not.  It was a fantastic experience.  I drove out of the parking lot with an excitement for that job like I haven’t felt in a long time, a renewed sense of motivation and self-worth… little did I know there was another hurdle around the corner.

Later on that day I had the luxury of an initial phone interview instead of a sit down, fact-to-face meeting.  These can prove to be just as difficult because body language it totally taken out of the picture.  Granted, my nervous pacing couldn’t be seen by the interviewer, but I too, couldn’t judge her reaction to some of my answers either.  It made for quite the interesting game of “blind” chess.  You know where all the pieces are, but you have no idea where the next move could or would be coming from.

With both interviews in the bag, it was time for a little decompression time… a few deep breathes and lo and behold I’m contacted for second interviews at both companies.  I’m truly sitting on cloud 9 right now.  Having gone from being unemployed for the last six months to possibly having the opportunity to choose between two different positions is one “issue” I don’t mind having.


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2 thoughts on “Inside Job

  1. You go get ’em!

  2. Wendi on said:

    Stumbled on your blog through your wife’s (which I love, by the way), hope you don’t mind. 🙂 Good for you, Cortney!!! Very well said – all 3 posts. Hoping you get some good job news soon!

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