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Around The Bend

Tomorrow could be the big day… the day I am able to finally plan on going back to work.  Tomorrow is my second interview with the owner of the company that I hope is my new employer.  The whole process of interviews and selling who I am as a prospective employee is something that is totally new to me.  All my previous jobs had been for or through family contacts.  Basically meaning because someone vouched for me, I was in.  Interviewing with people who don’t know me, my work ethic, or my abilities can be a little intimidating.

Intimidating or not, there is nothing more exhilarating that getting that call saying that you impressed the necessary parties enough in order to be called back for a second run through.  I know they have an idea that I cam capable of doing the job, now it’s just a matter of impressing the ownership so they feel that they WANT me on their team.  Time to pull out all the stops and just put out the best me that I can and hopefully I can leave tomorrow’s meeting with a job offer and a possible new career.

Who knows what lies just Around the Bend… whatever it is, I’m sure excited to find out.


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One thought on “Around The Bend

  1. I am excited too! You will be GREAT!

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