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Just Breathe

Ed is a smart fella.  While he isn’t quite able to verbally communicate using the English language yet, I feel he understands what is being asked of him most of the time.  This could not have been more true than it was today.  He is fully aware of what items he should not be touching, and today he decided that it would be in his best interest to make sure he touched them all… over and over and over.  Even with tears in his eyes after being put in time out he would crawl over to the item that got him in trouble not two minutes earlier.

Now I understand a youngster getting into mischief in order to gain the attention of a parent or person of interest, but even while I’m sitting there playing nicely with him he decides that this is a good idea to get into those things that he shouldn’t.  Ed did this for most of the afternoon, and slowly but surely I reached my wit’s end and had to put him in bed so I could take a moment to collect myself.  He was not a fan of this, but eventually succumbed to his tiredness and fell asleep.  Whew!

I guess I need to remember when things get a little too much to handle… Just Breathe.


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