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Green Disease

This morning I was treated to the opportunity to play a golf course that I had not yet played.  This may come as a bit of a surprise considering how close this course is, but I just never found the time to get there to play it.  I’m talking about Clearbrook Golf Club.  This course is located near Saugatuck and is a great looking course for the price.  My only regret is that I definitely did not score as well as I had hoped.  Shooting 51 on the front at a lousy 54 on the back… I say lousy because I had a total of 20 strokes on the last two holes.  Not exactly the best way to finish out a round, but the day had gotten the better of me and I just wasn’t ready to let the course beat me… even though it ended up doing just that.

I’d like to give a shout out to Mr. Harmsen for the idea and setting things up, as always, regardless of score, a good time was had.


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