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Walking The Cow

Waiting… it has its pluses and minuses.  If you’re waiting for test results, a loved one to come out of surgery, or something as simple as waiting for the restroom to come available, waiting can be a rough road.  Waiting for cookies to bake, your birthday, the release of a new album by your favorite artist, a new book by your favorite author, all things that are well worth the way because your patience will be rewarded.

Waiting to hear from a prospective employer on whether or not you got the job can be just as nerve racking.  This is one of those waits that could fall on either side of the spectrum.  You’re excited to hear that you got the job (the reward), but you’re also nervous because you might get the bad news that someone else had be chosen (Fail).  I’m right there right now.  All signs point to hearing something  about my prospective position tomorrow, what does tomorrow bring?  Is this job the position for me? Is there something else around the corner that I haven’t applied for that is a better fit?  There are just some many unknowns it can prove difficult to be excited or nervous for whatever the news might be.

I guess we find out tomorrow what may be.


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