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Not Waiting For The Call

They say bad news travels fast… well lousy news must come in clumps.  Over the past few weeks I have had the wonderful experience of having multiple interviews for two different employers only to have them both call on the same day to inform me that I would not be offered the position.  While I understand they have businesses to run and I may have been lacking certain experiences or education for the positions I had applied for, I never saw it coming that I would get those two calls on the same day.

Not that I have any particular reason for them to call on separate days, it just didn’t seem fair to get the wind knocked out of me twice within hours of each other.  Needless to say, after getting those calls I am no longer waiting to hear if my interview was well received or that they want me to “start on Monday.”  Back to the drawing board, finding new opportunities for positions that I WANT has proven to be harder than you would think.

All this as of late has me feeling a little worthless.  I realize I’m doing the stay at home thing right now, raising Ed and trying to keep a little house, but not helping with the finances or being able to afford to improve the house like I had hoped… all these things that we had planned to pay off or finish now looks like it might be pushed back yet again.

I realize that sometimes a person or family is “asked” to wade through a whole pile of poo every now and again in order to get to the greener pastures… it just feels like over the last five years we have been asked to wade through more than our fair share… unless we’re wading through all the poo first with nothing but green pastures to come?  Here’s hoping.


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4 thoughts on “Not Waiting For The Call

  1. As someone who stays home with the kids more than she works these days, I can relate to some of these feelings your having. Rest assured, although you aren’t doing what you think you should be doing with your day, (going to a job, providing financially for your family), You are raising your son. Not worthless at all – and crazy hard.

    I pray you find peace and encouragement as the employment search continues, but never forget that your day is still filled with meaning.

  2. You are anything BUT worthless! I love you. Our family appreciates everything you have been doing to keep things running smoothly. Plus you have become our little boy’s hero. That is something so special.

  3. My husband was out of work for a year (last year) and had many days like this. He was turned down for high-level executive jobs, retail jobs, entry-level jobs, etc. But he kept on keeping on – finally landing a great job in January. I hope things start to look up for you soon!

  4. You are doing all the things a GREAT father does. Eddie is so lucky to be home with you right now! Keep your head up… you didn’t get these jobs because God needs you available for the one he has planned for you 🙂

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