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One down, 8 to go

I would like to announce  the completion of my Week 1 training using the Couch to 5k program.  As my previous post mentions, day 1 wasn’t as pleasant as I would have liked, but after having gone through day 2 and 3 my legs have almost completely recovered and I can tell that my stamina has increased ever so slightly.  I’ve always considered myself a bit of an athlete, but having slowed my general pace of life down a bit since getting married, getting back on that horse was going to prove to be tougher than I thought.

Day 2 I found myself cursing at the voice coming through the little speakers from my iPod telling me that I was “doing great” and to “get ready to run for another 60 seconds.”  I was tired, my legs were sore and the last thing I wanted to do was run anywhere.  But then I thought about why I was putting myself through this hellish training in the first place and suddenly 60 seconds of running wasn’t so bad.

Day 3 began with a renewed sense of motivation.  I set an alarm, (something I haven’t done for myself since being laid off) and I was out of bed and on the road by 6:45am.  Why did I decide to do that you ask?  I’m really not sure.  I think my brain figured it would be cooler outside and maybe I would be more comfortable… who knew at 6:45am it would already be 70 degrees and humid?  The program went well, I did everything the little voice told me to and was back home by 7:20.  Just in time to wash my face and get Ed out of bed.  Minus the requirement of getting out of bed so early, I think I’m a fan of the early morning training session.  I’ll probably give it a go again on Tuesday when I start Week 2 – Day 1.


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2 thoughts on “One down, 8 to go

  1. Way to go babes! I can’t believe we are doing this! I am so glad!

  2. Keep going! Each time you go out gets a little bit easier 🙂

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