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Man Of The Hour

My wife is amazing.  For those of you who know her, both in the flesh or online, you can attest at how great she is… this would be another example of why she is wicked sweet.

This past weekend was our 5th wedding anniversary and my first Father’s Day.  In celebration of our day of wedded bliss 5 years ago we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Alpen Rose, our favorite anniversary dinner spot… correction, our only anniversary dinner spot.  We split a delightful bottle of wine over dinner and talked about how much our lives have changed since that wonderful day 5 years ago.

On Saturday, we ventured off to Detroit to take in a Tiger’s game.  Last year we weren’t able to make the trek due to Kate still being pregnant or due to the arrival of Short Stack and our not being quite ready to leave him overnight yet.  This year was a different story, we were going to make it to a Tiger game and I wanted to make a full evening of it and stay the night.  So with some added budgeting I was able to put away a few “extra” bucks to cover the cost of the hotel.  What a great time!  We were able to stay after the game had finished and enjoy a wicked fireworks show in center field.  Had we not stayed the night, we would have been on the road before the first shot had been lit.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and even though we were in Detroit and our little man was in Alto, Kate didn’t disappoint.  She did wish me a Happy Father’s Day but I was told I had to wait until we were home and with Short Stack before I was allowed to receive any gift from him.  I we stopped in Alto to pick him up and spent a little time with our good friends the Visels.  I was given something completely unexpected from my godson, a very nice card for Father’s Day.  It’s odd, but I didn’t expect anything and that probably made it a little more special.

Little did  I know once we got home, my little guy had a lovely card and a super cool surprise for me.  He, with the help of his mother, had gotten me a bike cart so I can take him with me on bike rides.  I have wanted one ever since I found out I was going to be a dad, giving me a renewed reason to ride my bike.  It was awesome and I can’t wait to us and share it with Short Stack.  I have Kate to thank for a fantastic first Father’s Day and a great time over our anniversary.

On a more somber note, this is my 4th Father’s Day without my Father.  Not having him around always makes this time of year a little difficult.  Lucky for me I have my son around to cheer me up, a supportive wife that allows me to be a little sad when I need to be, but not so much that I lose myself, and I have a father-in-law and a step-father to share my joy with too.  I know Pops would be proud of the job I’ve done thus far, just sometimes I wish he was still around for some “extra” pointers.  If you’re interested in reading more about our weekend fun, check out Sluiter Nation and check it out.


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One thought on “Man Of The Hour

  1. aw! you’re welcome babes! I am glad you loved Father’s Day so much! We love you and appreciate you to the moon and back!

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