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Can I Get a Do Over?

The injury bug has bitten a few of us here in the Sluiter house… Kate has an injured knee and has begun attending physical therapy in order for her to comfortably complete the 5k in September.  As of late last week, I seem to have stumbled upon a slight but annoying case of shin splints.  I’m in process of taking a few days off and have decided to “re-do” week 3 of the Couch To 5k plan… I was feeling really good about how well I was feeling during the jogging portions and was impressing myself as to the speed I had been able to recover after the longer runs.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to remain at my current state of fitness and haven’t backslid too much from the extra day or two off for recovery.

As some of you may have figured out, I’ve been using the plain couch to 5k podcast for my audio cues so I know when to do what.  But since it’s only a vocal cue, I’ve begun adding my own soundtrack in the background to keep things interesting.  Week 2 was a fun Cake mix, week 3 is currently a Beck mix that is rather bouncy.  It works well for the 3 minute runs, good to keep pace with.  Here we are coming up on week 4 and I’m in need of a new featured artist.  What say you?  Feel free to vote as often as you like, I’m looking for some reader input.  Cheers!


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2 thoughts on “Can I Get a Do Over?

  1. I actually haven’t seen my right ankle in over 2 weeks. Although I refuse to go to the doctor, people around me have mentioned that it might be broken. Broken Smoken I say (as I gangsta limp away).

    Who knew running was so dangerous!

  2. Tonya on said:

    I had a little problem with shin splints when I was training for the marathon. I took a week off and it was hard to get back into my long runs (I was up around 16-20 miles). Do something else to keep your fitness but not put impact on your legs. Keep pulling short stack in that bike cart. It’ll keep you in shape without further hurting yourself.

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