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Pitching A Tent

My wife and I are not campers by trade… we’re not even campers by hobby.  So when my extended family schedules up our yearly camp & canoe trip Kate and I both have our reservations.  Our idea of a relaxing vacation is a nice hotel away from home, so the idea of sleeping in a tent without A/C or electricity is always a bit of a tall order.  But every year we take our big-kid pills and we drive up to Grant for a weekend of family fun around the fire & on the river.  And every year we have a blast, this year was no exception.

We rolled in just before 7pm Friday night and I tried to make quick work of putting up our new tent and blowing up the air mattress before nightfall set in.  I probably worked a lot faster than I had to because I’m pretty sure between the humidity and the lack of air flow through the new tent had be sweating bullets.  I debated about taking a shower before bed, but thought better of it considering there was going to be a lengthy evening of sleeping in the humidity coming up… little did I know I would get my shower, just not the one I thought I needed.  You see, later that night, it started to rain… hard.  So hard in fact that the water was penetrating through the rain-fly and collecting on the screen roof of the tent.  These droplets would gather in to larger drops and eventually fall… on my side of the bed; waking me from a dead sleep in my own version of Chinese Water torture.  We made it through the storm, rested enough for a lovely day on the river.

Canoeing with my family is one of the most relaxing and exciting things you can do in a canoe with your clothes on.  We don’t bring water blasters or try to tip each other over… it’s more about tipping a few tasty beverages back and keep a watchful eye out for the other family members because it’s only a matter of time before one of them tip without any extra help.  It really is such a good time; everyone is in good spirits, socializing as we stop periodically for snacks and to stretch our legs.  I’ve been told if you paddle the whole route, it should only take 3 hours… we tend to add some serious float time in there and can make it last to a bit over 5 hours without trying too hard.

If you’re not a camper or a canoer I really suggest you give it a shot.  We only pack up and head out to the campground with the intent of camping once a year.  I’m pretty sure if I asked Kate to camp more than that she would punch me in the jugular… not that I’m looking to add more camping to our lives, but it’s nice to know that when we get the whole family together; we really do have a great time and make some great memories.  We’re already talking about what items we need to think about buying or bringing for next year!


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One thought on “Pitching A Tent

  1. I would punch you in your jugular. Hard.

    But I do love our once a year. It’s just enough for me!

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