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I hear that train a commin’

… that bright light… do you see it?

I posted earlier this week about an interview that I had that I thought had serious potential to turn in to my next career move.  I rocked the interview, showcased my talents and ideas.  I felt as though I sold my best me to these potential buyers.  No false advertising, just straight up “what you see is what you get” type scenario… I walked out of their office feeling good.  Everyone in the meeting had smiles on their faces and for the first time in this whole “searching for a new job” quest, I actually felt like the  position would be offered to me in the next day.  I felt that good about how it went down.

… I didn’t think the tunnel was this long… that has to be the end, right?

And today I got the call.  Now, I’ve never had to the be one that makes the call to a promising talent and crush that poor person’s soul, but that is a little how it felt when she told me this afternoon that they had decided to go with someone else.  It was what would have been a clash of personalities between myself and the salesperson that I would have had to work with.  Having come from the sales field at my previous employ, I can totally respect the fact of not wanting a project manager and their respective sales person to be at odds with each other is best for business.  I know first hand.  One of my salesmen needed to have their hand-held and guided through the bulk of their first YEAR on the job.  It should have never gotten to that point, but I was in no position to make a change… anyway, that is all in the past and I’m enjoying the search for a new company and a new job.

… Nope, not the end, just a lantern… but at least it wasn’t the train.

So the quest continues.  I still have high hopes for last Friday’s interview, but should that one go the way that Mondays’ did; no worries.  I know that my next position will be what is right for me at that particular time.  These last two interview opportunities have really recharged my job search and given me a little boost to continue on.  I have school starting up at the end of the month so that will be a bonus, especially with my first Associates degree on the horizon I have even more to work for and look forward to.

A many thanks to all of you who have expressed your positive thoughts and words of encouragement.  And to those of you who haven’t, thank you too, but feel free to leave a note when you swing by.


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7 thoughts on “I hear that train a commin’

  1. it’s so easy to say “well, that job just wasn’t for you then.” but i know that is getting weak sounding. I feel like a food saying it, actually. you really start to doubt it the more you have to say it.

    But regardless of what happens? This has been my favorite summer ever. Just so you know 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry. My husband got quite a few of those calls during his year-long search. Some didn’t even bother to call – that stung even more! The right job is out there for you – you will find it!!!

  3. Whoa, I didnt know you had a blog. We’re praying for you. I’m glad you’re not down in the dumps and you’re pushing forward.

  4. Ugh, job searches are hard. My memories of doing it are… well, not very nice.
    I’ve never had to call a crush a promising talents soul either and I don’t think it’s a job I’d like very much.
    What is an Associates degree?

    • It’s an Associate of The Arts Degree. The general degree that you get when you decide to not focus on one course of study. I’m also pursuing an Associates in Network Administration… but that one is a few years out yet as I’m only a part time student.

  5. jessesco on said:

    I’m sorry. What a bummer. It sucks, but at least you weren’t left hanging. I’ve sent out tons of resumes to have them ignored. It’s not a fun feeling. Good luck with the other interview! Lots of job vibes.

    And I also look forward to reading your post about your Dad. (I started the Cancer Sucks bloghop).

  6. Cindy Whittecar on said:

    Hey Cort,
    I have faith and am praying hard that something will come your way when the time is right. When it does it will be something fantastic and well worth the wait:) I am sure that you will rock all the rest of your interviews as well. Keep your head up, you’re a great inspiration too all that know you!!

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