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Wish You Were Here

Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!

If you were lucky enough to meet my father I guarantee you would never forget him.  He had the type of personality and charisma that would let you know that he was someone you wanted to keep an eye on; or if you were able to sidle up in order to be within ear shot of one of his many stories, you would not be disappointed.  He enjoyed having all eyes on him, especially if he had a story to tell that would result in a laugh.  He wasn’t big on telling jokes, but he knew how to tell a story to make you feel like you were there when it happened and even the most serious of events could end with a twist that would make you laugh.

My dad was not one to lose his temper or to lash out.  You could approach my dad WANTING to get into it with him, pushing whatever buttons you could to try and get a rise out of him and would take in all you said, process it, and hit you with a witty one liner that would leave you speechless and looking for the door.  He ALWAYS had a witty one  liner that would so perfectly sum up the situation or lighten the mood that regardless of the subject matter you would be ok with whatever had just happened.

If he could get one over one ya just for the sake of getting over on you he would.  Never to be malicious or vindictive, but just to poke a little fun and see what kind of mettle you had.  He was a master of wits and was never afraid to ‘go to battle.’  I really miss that about him.  He was one of the greatest conversationalist I’ve ever known.

He always took interest in whatever my siblings and I were in to, even if he had little or no idea what were talking about.  Some would say that he was just being a supportive parent, but I think it was more than that.  I think he had a quest for knowledge and wanted to learn right along with us.  He never went to college, but was able to start and grow a successful business that he had to leave when he got sick.

He would have been 54 today.

Happy Birthday Pops… I’m sure if you ask for birthday peach pie in heaven instead of birthday cake, they can probably hook that up.


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2 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here

  1. I miss him too. Happy birthday, Pops.

  2. Cindy Whittecar on said:

    Happy Birthday Slip, sure miss having pops @ the coop with ya. 🙂

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