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School Back In Session

The weather had changed… it’s much cooler out than it has been for quite some time.  The humidity is gone for the most part, a welcome change for those of us sitting in class rooms with no air conditioning or fans to move the air around.  I am taking two classes this semester, EN249: Technical Writing and COM131: Fundamentals of Public Speaking.

I can’t say that I’m overly excited about the speech class, and really, who is excited about public speaking?  Most of us would rather have bamboo shoots put under our fingernails that to get in front of a group of strangers and make a public display.  To be honest, the idea of getting in front of my fellow students, most of which I don’t know beyond the first class doesn’t scare me.  I’m more concerned with the subject matter that I’ll be asked to talk about.  From what I’ve noticed from my professor thus far, I have a feeling that he will assign some topics that will get us out of our comfort zone just a bit.  I know this will make me a better speaker in the long run, but right now I’d rather talk about something I’m comfortable with rather than new subject matter.

The technical writing class is actually one that I’ve been somewhat excited about.  Probably because I don’t mind writing documents, and learning the proper formatting and techniques are interesting to me.  Sorry, just letting my inner geek shine through, proper formatting can be interesting to me.  Wow.  After writing that down I realize just how ridiculous that is.  Oh well, perhaps as the semester wears on I won’t think this way anymore.


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