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PGA Tour or Golf Buddy

I’ve always told myself growing up I wasn’t going to be on of those fathers that push their children into taking up a sport, so they can become the next phenom in that sport.  I am happy to say that I’m still not that father, but something interesting happened the other day…but first a little back story.

Throughout this spring and summer, seeing as I was still looking for employment and home with Ed, we would need to kill time during the day.  And if it was nice enough outside, we would take a walk around the neighborhood; he would be in the stroller and I’d fire up my iPod and listen to a Pearl Jam concert or catch up on my hip-hop lyrics.  It was a great way to kill 30-45 minutes without feeling the need to entertain or work up an unnecessary sweat.  These walks would typically be capped off with my parking Ed (still in the stroller) in the garage and out of the sun, but still facing the front yard.  This is the point where I would wonder over to my golf bag and grab a 4 iron or 5 wood and take a few dozen swings.  This, for some reason was HILARIOUS to Ed.  I still haven’t decided if it’s because there is a problem with my form or if swinging a golf club is just that darn funny.

I keep a lone sand wedge and a shag ball in the garage leaning against the wall just in case I need to kill a few moments, I can chip around the front yard or swing a little when I’m bored.  The club also makes for an excellent poking stick for when the flag on the front of the house gets all wrapped around the flag pole.  It was this club and ball that drew the attention of Ed yesterday afternoon.  We had just completed a walk around the neighborhood and since it was nice we were hanging out in the front yard when Ed decided that he need to get some toys from the garage.  This is what I saw when I turned around from putting the wagon away…

So I have to say part of me is pretty geeked that he may be interested in taking up golf.  I can say that right now because he isn’t able to shoot a lower score than I can at this point; I’m sure that day will get here soon enough. I was just blown away to watching take the ball, take the club and know what was the right way.  Of course, once he discovered that he couldn’t swing the club, it was dropped and he began throwing the golf ball around the yard… it’s a start thought, right?


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2 thoughts on “PGA Tour or Golf Buddy

  1. This is such a great post! I love to see him love to play with you and do the things you love! You two are such a pair!

  2. Maybe he will be the next Tiger Woods.. Without the many affairs of course!

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