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Won’t Be Fooled Again

This week has been busy.  Busier than most.  This being the first “real” week of Kate working, my schooling, and of course bowling league starting up once again to take up my Tuesday nights for the next 28 weeks.  Not only was this Tuesday the first league night of the year, but I also had one planned interview (score) and another impromptu phone interview(double score).

The first interview was a face-to-face and I felt really good about it.  The two gentlemen that interviewed me were great.  Super easy to talk to, expressing my strengths and selling my best self was as easy as it has been throughout my job search.  Maybe I’m just getting better at telling my “story” due to all the practice.  I left feeling good about how things went, the impression that  I made, and figure it’s only a matter of time before I hear from their HR department about what is next.

The second interview caught me off guard.  My cell rang at 7:30pm and the number came up as not someone in my phone book.  Not really in the mood to talk to someone I didn’t know, I almost let it go to voice mail.  For some reason I decided to answer and for the next 30 minutes it was game time.  Going from zero to ‘game face’ is tough, I don’t think the phone interview went as well as the one earlier in the day. I would imagine that has to do with being able to read body language and facial expression… a little difficult to do that over the phone.

I was lucky enough to finish the day off at the Lanes with my new bowling team for the 2010-11 season.  I didn’t set the lanes a flame, but I’ve set the bar just right going into week 2.  Consider this a heads up… bowling season is here, so be prepared for a handful of bowling posts over the next few months… so if things start to get more boring than they already are, I apologize.

You’ve been warned.


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4 thoughts on “Won’t Be Fooled Again

  1. you bowl…lol.

  2. you are anything except boring.

  3. That is awesome. Good luck with the interviews.

  4. if you ever get back to indy, (which I know you will, because I’m gonna make you), we are going bowling. I know a great place downtown.

    Also? Fingers crossed with the jobs. I can feel it….

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