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Over 30 Required Class Exemption? I Think So

I’ve made no effort to hide that I’m a back to school parent.  In fact I’m proud to say that I’m a mere three credit hours away from graduating with my first Associates degree.  I think that is rather impressive considering it’s only taken me 12 years to get that degree.  I do have one issue however.

Of those three credit hours, one of them MUST be a Wellness class.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being healthy, getting exercise and striving for a more active lifestyle; but to REQUIRE that a back-to-school adult take one of these classes I find it to be a little ridiculous.  I’m mean, really.  I think if you’re a student that is over 30, you should be exempt from having to take a Wellness class…. either that or offer classes in the evenings so I have options with regards to my potential work schedule.

I was thinking about taking bowling for my wellness credit, until I realized that all the classes were offered at 10:30 in the morning or 1:30 in the afternoon.  How can I possibly clear that with a potential employer?  I can’t, that’s how.  It’s very aggravating to have to try to fit this type of class into a schedule that is already full up with home life, married life and parenting.

Yes, perhaps I’m just on a whine train here and I should be happy that I’m able to take these courses and get a degree… If I had known I was going to need this wellness credit to graduate I would have taken a fitness class when I went to college the first time.


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6 thoughts on “Over 30 Required Class Exemption? I Think So

  1. That sucks! I found that a problem too that they didn’t offer required classes at night but many electives are. I had to take something similar to that too and it was a joke. An easy A but a joke! Good luck!

  2. this grinds my gears too. stupid fitness. pfft.

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  4. word. I took yoga as an undergrad. *hate-ed it* *two snaps in a z formation*

  5. I didn’t have to take a Wellness class of any kind for my degree, but I totally feel you on the awkward scheduling. I try to be out and about a lot with my daughter while my husband is at work so we can spend quiet time at home together in the evening and on weekends. However, it seems that toddler activities are either at 9am (when my daughter is barely awake), 6pm, or the middle of the day Sat and Sun (when it’s family time). 😦

    Good luck! Are there ANY options in the early morning or evening, whether you’re interested or not?

    • Unfortunately there aren’t… at least none that work with my current schedule. I was able to find a first-aid class, but that was on the same night as my next class. I’m still hoping that I can work out an independent study for bowling since I’m already on a league that would work out perfect. I meed with my adviser on Tuesday, fingers crossed!

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