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Gonna See My Friend

While standing at the sink this morning, washing a sink full of dishes I noticed these two cups just sitting there as content as could be.  Now, bear with me as I get a little symbolic here, but I want to say that these to cups just looked happy to be in each others’ company.

I realize inanimate objects don’t care where they are or what they are doing… I get that, I’m not completely crazy… but they looked happy.

Don't They Look Happy?

Obviously the one on the left is mine and the other is Kate’s.  I took this after they had been washed, dried and were ready for their close up.

Normally these two cups wouldn’t last 3 minutes on the coffee table with Short Stack running around causing havoc.  What got me thinking was the fact that mine says “The Best Dad Ever.”  A bold statement to be sure, but I realized that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try to be that Dad if it wasn’t for Kate being a Mom… and a damn fine one at that.

I know she goes through her days sometimes wanting to be home with Short Stack and me being the one at work… I know she feels like she is missing all the growing up time while she is away bringing home the bacon.  We have made this arrangement work, and it has worked for a reason.  I just hope she knows that even when she isn’t here, E and I think of her often and can’t wait for her to come home.


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5 thoughts on “Gonna See My Friend

  1. i love you. i so do.

  2. Dammit C. You made me all sniffly and stuff.

  3. The blog post where your lovely wife wrote about you dancing with your mother – and then her own dancing with E?

    That was one of my favorites ever. Wish I would’ve written it myself.

    So yes – those two glasses do look happy together.

    But the two of you? Seem even happier.

    Thanks for the view into that kind of love.
    And also? Buttered toast rocks.

  4. Okay, this is beyond sweet.

    Also? Are those tumblers? I went to a Christmas gift exchange last year where a girl went on and on about their awesomeness – so is that accurate or are they just like normal cups?

    (Yes, I went from sweet to dishes pretty quickly.)

    • Thanks Megan.. and welcome to my blog. As for the awesomeness of the cups… it’s true. They are that awesome. They don’t sweat so there’s no need for a coaster. Highly recommended!

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