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They See Me Rollin’

As some of you may know, I am a bowler.  I’ve bowled at Nationals, several State Tournaments, and numerous City tournaments… but last night in my weekly league I accomplished something I have been striving for ever since I was able to average 200+ on a consistent basis.  I bowled an 800 series.

Last Season's 300 Ring

I’ve been fortunate enough to have achieved perfection in the way of a 300 game twice in my bowling career.  I’ve missed it twice with a 299 and again with a 298.  Even with those high scores, the elusive 800 series was always  10 or 20 pins out of reach.

Last night was different, way different.  I’ve had nights on the lanes where it just felt like everything was clicking as it should and I would feel like bowling a big game, even a perfect one, was well within reach.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but the last perfect game I bowled, that night I had the feeling after the first couple of balls that I my chances of rolling a 300 were better than average.  And as things would have it, I was able to get that 300 game… even failing to reach a 700 series; which is odd considering with a 300 you’re almost halfway there.

This is what makes an 800 series so difficult to reach.  The margin for error is so great that one needed to be on point for three games, at least 31-34 shots out of 36.  Having 12 strikes in a row for a 300 is one thing, but to accumulate 30+ over the course of 3 games makes for a long night.

Okay, enough of telling you about how difficult it is to bowl an 800.  To the uninitiated it just sounds like a large number… many of you might not appreciate how significant this feat is, and that’s okay.  I’m not looking for accolades, that’s not my style, even if this post is starting to come off that way.

Time to step back off my soap box and just say, I bowled an 800 series last night with games of 269-268-267 = 804.  I was more nervous going into the 10 frame of that last game than I was for either of my 300, 299, or 298 games; knowing that I needed just one more strike to get to the 800 mark was excruciating.  As fate would have it, I managed to get that one last strike… and with the City Tournament coming up this weekend I can only hope I can make a good showing.



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4 thoughts on “They See Me Rollin’

  1. Woot woot, I’m a horrible bowler but always have fun. Oh and I grew up candle pin bowling, so those *ahem* big balls are a challenge for me.

  2. Nice! Proud of you. Good luck this weekend.

  3. As mom would say (But didn’t above…) HOO HOO!!!!!

    Good work 🙂 Rock it out this weekend!

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