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I <3 My Dentist

Most people aren’t fans of going to the dentist.  I mean, there are those that look forward to their six month check up so they can have that professional cleaning that sticks with you for such a long time that you almost hate to eat or drink something because you know that once you do, you can’t get that super clean feeling back for another six months when you come in for your next check up.

I can honestly say I’m not a fan of cleanings.  Yeah, you teeth feel clean and junk, but you also feel like you’re chewing sand until you eat or rinse a few times.  But beyond that, I always feel as though I’m running a gauntlet of dental instruments trying to find a cavity or tartar build up that wasn’t bothering me… but the hygienist knows it will turn into a larger problem if it isn’t take care of right away.  And thus begins the scraping with that mini pick ax trying to mine the garbage that has decided to take residence on my tooth.  I’ve always been prone to cavities, this probably adds to the anxiety of getting the cleaning… it was never a matter of IF a cavity was found, it was how many.  My worst report was double-digit cavities after one check up.  We still joke about that one no matter how good or bad the report ends up being.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this post.  My dentist and her staff are awesome.  Even though the reason for my visits typically cost not only time from family or work, but usually end up in a little discomfort to my gums or teeth.  But even with all that aggravation, I still look forward to going.  I would mention my dentist & her trusty assistant by name but they specifically said they were concerned about making the blog, so I won’t mention them at this point, maybe if they leave a comment you can learn their true identities.

Being able to joke and spit one liners while my dentist is trying to complete a filling or drill a cavity is what makes my visit worth while… I know, (because she told me as much) that they look forward to my visits because they know every visit will be different from the last.  I like to think if I can bring a little joy to their day by being a fun patient, then maybe they will take it easy when drilling, scraping, and mining in my mouth.

…. oh… and the nitrous helps.

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10 thoughts on “I <3 My Dentist

  1. I went to the dentist yesterday. Everyone I told thought I was crazy for being so excited. I love getting my teeth cleaned. I can’t stand how fuzzy my teeth feel when it’s almost cleaning time. I seriously would go once a month. OCD much?

  2. I haven’t been to the dentist in forever…and I know when I go it’s going to be a bad report. I’m a night time teeth grinder so it’s never good when I go. And for a while I drank ALOT of wine so I think I have like zero enamel left on half my teeth.

    You’re not alone friend!

  3. You’re very brave. I still hate going to the dentist. You get your soft teeth from me. Sorry!

  4. I LOVE getting my teeth cleaned.

    so refreshing!

    and you? can bring Ed the first time he needs to go. I am afraid of the tantrum 🙂

  5. Its so weird that we share the same genes. Because I have NEVER had a cavity. Not one single time. And I think I will freak out when the first one is discovered.
    Are you still going to the same Dentist from our childhood? I remember one day when you, Dad, and me all had an appointment the same day. An hour or so aport. And we all lived separately – and it was completely random.

    • I do go to the same office, but Dr. Roush retired, and sold the practice to someone else. She’s super cool and all the same crew is there. Oh, and I totally remember that day as well. That was almost creepy.

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