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Roots… not just a band.

Sometimes it’s good to get back to your roots.

Getting back to that place that helped shape who you are and what made you the person you are today.  For me, it was attending church again for the first time in a long time when it wasn’t a holiday or special occasion… and it felt GREAT!

In my heart I know I never wavered far from my beliefs or my upbringing, but with so many of life’s events going against what I thought was supposed to happen to a faithful Christian had me questioning a little bit… maybe even a lot at some points.  Bad things aren’t supposed to happen to good people, right?  So why the continuous strikes against me? Why the continuous strikes against my family?

And then today, sitting in that hard, wooden pew, the message began… and it hit me in the face.  What have I done for other people lately rather than be concerned with my family and our well-being?   Truth is, I haven’t done a damn thing.  With all the hustle and bustle of school, work, family, fatherhood, trying to be a loving husband to a pregnant wife, I haven’t done a whole lot outside of that to really deserve any of God’s graces.

Today’s message was a story of using your talents and gifts and sharing them with others, so, I’m going to try to improve my efforts to think of others first, and let everything else handle itself.  God doesn’t give you  more than you can handle, so worrying about how to pay for something or plan for something else will work out if it’s meant to be… not to mention, way less stress since time won’t be wasted worrying about it.

After the service Kate asked if she should get a card from the Angel tree so we can buy some gifts for a child that might not get anything otherwise and I told her to go ahead and do it.  Sure it might not completely be in the “budget,” but it felt like the right thing to do.  I’m confident it will work out in the end, and that child might just have a better holiday because of it.

Sorry to have gotten all spiritual on you there… but I felt it was important, especially this time of year.  If you find it in your heart, mind, or spirit, please consider “sponsoring” or being an Angel to a child in need.  There is little that you will find more rewarding.

… and I think we’ll be attending services more regularly now.


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5 thoughts on “Roots… not just a band.

  1. Very true, babe. Going to church–even if it was sort of a tithing sermon in disguise–it really hit home. we don’t have much, but we have sooo much. love this, babe.

  2. Love it 🙂 Its a good reminder for us all!

  3. we go to a non-dom church right down the road we both dig. we serve on teams there as well. it feels great to be a part of something bigger than you are. at any rate…totally agree with this post. Jesus was a dude just out to help others…funny how the most successful business/people just follow that one simple rule. put others first

  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself! You seem to be an incredibly supportive and involved father/husband, not all men who have wives/kids can say that. You might not be saving the world, but you’re taking care of your family. Don’t discount what an important job that is. Go you!

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