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Happy Birthday Pops

Today you would have been 56.

You were in your element when it came to making breakfast for others… many. others.

Never afraid to goof around, regardless of the circumstances.

We miss you greatly.  I hope the waters are always calm, and your travels always safe.

Happy Birthday Pops.


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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pops

  1. I love you.

    And I love Pops. Papa Steve.


  2. When I really stop and think about it I still get angry that we don’t get to see him anymore.. or hear his laugh.. or feel his squeezy hug.. it just doesn’t seem fair. We all miss him, and trust at the same time that there is a bigger plan and he is doing well.

  3. Liz Ann on said:

    I second all these posts! Let me rephrase we (Cody & I) second them. He is missed more than words or emotions can express. But his love will never go away. We love looking at all the pics that remind us of all the fun he had here. We can’t wait for Lilly to get to see those pics and understand that’s her Papa Steve like little Eddie 🙂

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