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What is it about the end of one year and the beginning of another that can either suck the smiles out of you, or hit you with a right hook to the gut when you least expect it?  For me, I feel like I had a pretty solid dose of both this weekend.

The New Year gives us a moment to reflect back on those things or events that help shape our year and our lives, while the idea of opening a fresh calendar to the first month of the year is like the birth of the person you want to be or the spectacles you hope to witness in the coming year.

Rather than make a list of “resolutions” or the idea that I can make a list of the things that I like least about myself or my habits, and decide that this year I’m going to change; I thought I’d make a list of goals that I hope to achieve this year.  Maybe it’s the same as a resolution, but in some cases, I think it’s different…

Vehicle Upgrade for Kate – it’s no secret that Kate in in need of a different vehicle.  A small, two door coupe isn’t exactly conducive to a hot mama taking the kids home from day care.  Something with four doors at a minimum and decent gas mileage wouldn’t hurt either.

Graduate from College – Some of you will remember that I was fortunate enough to graduate with an Associates of Liberal Arts, and if the schedule at the school works out, I should be able to graduate with an Associates in Network Administration.  This would be great as I’m ready to be done with school for a little while.

Welcome Charlie to the family – My 2nd son will be joining the family in March.  Given the inspiring journey I’ve made with Eddie thus far, I am super excited to see how the addition of another person to our family dynamic will affect our routine / mindsets / emotional growth.  I can’t wait to become a family of 4.

Ride my bike more – Ok, this really sounds like a resolution… but the truth is, I was fortunate enough to receive a bike last Christmas, but failed to ride it as often as I had hoped to.  This year, I hope to log some miles of pleasure riding as well as for purpose… that is, as an added element to an exercise plan.

The exercise plan – so yeah, resolution #2… but isn’t this one that is on everyone’s list?  And if it’s on our list every year is it still a resolution?   I might even think about running another 5k.  For some reason when there is something to train for, it makes it easier to get out and actually exercise.  So that’s what I’m going to try to do.

Be a better friend – Over the last year or so, I haven’t done a whole lot to maintain those relationships with the friends that I hold near and dear. Most of them are now spread out across the country, that seeing them in person happens so infrequently, I feel guilty when I can’t give them my full attention when they visit.  My goal is to make a more concentrated effort to communicate with them on a more regular basis… be it a text, email, skype session or a hand written note… just something to make sure they know that I’m thinking about them and that they are important to me.

And finally… Blog more – I stated a couple months ago that I was going to try to blog every Sunday… and for the most part I managed to stay true to that goal.  Unfortunately, once finals rolled around and term papers were due, I found it tougher than I had tough to get a post up every week.  In fact, after writing a couple pages for class, I really didn’t want to think about writing anything else, even if it was for fun.  With the New Year, I’m going to try to stick to that Sunday post goal, but not beat myself up if I miss one due to a school requirement.

What about you?  Any goals that you’ve set for yourself in the coming year?  I’d love to hear them, maybe even append my list…


I <3 My Dentist

Most people aren’t fans of going to the dentist.  I mean, there are those that look forward to their six month check up so they can have that professional cleaning that sticks with you for such a long time that you almost hate to eat or drink something because you know that once you do, you can’t get that super clean feeling back for another six months when you come in for your next check up.

I can honestly say I’m not a fan of cleanings.  Yeah, you teeth feel clean and junk, but you also feel like you’re chewing sand until you eat or rinse a few times.  But beyond that, I always feel as though I’m running a gauntlet of dental instruments trying to find a cavity or tartar build up that wasn’t bothering me… but the hygienist knows it will turn into a larger problem if it isn’t take care of right away.  And thus begins the scraping with that mini pick ax trying to mine the garbage that has decided to take residence on my tooth.  I’ve always been prone to cavities, this probably adds to the anxiety of getting the cleaning… it was never a matter of IF a cavity was found, it was how many.  My worst report was double-digit cavities after one check up.  We still joke about that one no matter how good or bad the report ends up being.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this post.  My dentist and her staff are awesome.  Even though the reason for my visits typically cost not only time from family or work, but usually end up in a little discomfort to my gums or teeth.  But even with all that aggravation, I still look forward to going.  I would mention my dentist & her trusty assistant by name but they specifically said they were concerned about making the blog, so I won’t mention them at this point, maybe if they leave a comment you can learn their true identities.

Being able to joke and spit one liners while my dentist is trying to complete a filling or drill a cavity is what makes my visit worth while… I know, (because she told me as much) that they look forward to my visits because they know every visit will be different from the last.  I like to think if I can bring a little joy to their day by being a fun patient, then maybe they will take it easy when drilling, scraping, and mining in my mouth.

…. oh… and the nitrous helps.

Thanks for visiting… I welcome all comments, even if it’s just to say you were here.

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