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Stuck In The Middle With You

It has been said on more than one occasion that there is no I in TEAM… but there is a ME.  In MARRIAGE there is a ME and an I… and I suppose there could be RAGE, but we try to avoid that one as best we can; and for the most part, I’d say we have.

This week is the start of a new semester for me.  I have two classes I’m looking to take as part of my quest to complete my Network Admin degree by the end of the year.  Tuition was paid, books were purchased, file folders created, pens at the ready.  Everything is on track to dominate another semester and get 2 more classes closer to graduation.

And then Charlie had his latest check up with the doctor.  We now know his birthday as he’ll be arriving via a planned c-section. As Kate and I were discussing his impending arrival, it became obvious that with classes two nights, a recovering Kate, and a fresh baby in the house; the whole schedule wasn’t going to work.

If you’ve ventured over to Sluiter Nation at all, its no secret that Kate has been slowly been winning her battle with PPD and anxiety.  Well, given the arrival of our 2nd child, it started to fester up again.  And being that the lines of communication are open in The Nation, she voiced her concerns, and we went to sleep on it.

This morning after reviewing the schedule and work load associated with her recovery and a new baby; sacrifices for the good of the Nation needed to be made.  We discussed it briefly this morning and shortly there after, Kate’s anxiety has lowered substantially and I’ll be home an “extra” evening this semester.  Win-win.

I really didn’t like my school schedule this semester anyway, so dropping the class wasn’t that big of a deal, and I’d miss time with my boys too, so it really was an easy decision to make.  The only downside is that now I my goal of completing my degree by December might be pushed back a little bit… not a total loss, but a minor set back.

There might not be an I in TEAM, but by dropping that class, we took a big step in avoiding the RAGE that can be in MARRIAGE.


Over 30 Required Class Exemption? I Think So

I’ve made no effort to hide that I’m a back to school parent.  In fact I’m proud to say that I’m a mere three credit hours away from graduating with my first Associates degree.  I think that is rather impressive considering it’s only taken me 12 years to get that degree.  I do have one issue however.

Of those three credit hours, one of them MUST be a Wellness class.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being healthy, getting exercise and striving for a more active lifestyle; but to REQUIRE that a back-to-school adult take one of these classes I find it to be a little ridiculous.  I’m mean, really.  I think if you’re a student that is over 30, you should be exempt from having to take a Wellness class…. either that or offer classes in the evenings so I have options with regards to my potential work schedule.

I was thinking about taking bowling for my wellness credit, until I realized that all the classes were offered at 10:30 in the morning or 1:30 in the afternoon.  How can I possibly clear that with a potential employer?  I can’t, that’s how.  It’s very aggravating to have to try to fit this type of class into a schedule that is already full up with home life, married life and parenting.

Yes, perhaps I’m just on a whine train here and I should be happy that I’m able to take these courses and get a degree… If I had known I was going to need this wellness credit to graduate I would have taken a fitness class when I went to college the first time.


As the post title implies I have one.  A bookstore should have books; most do have books, sometimes even books that you are pretty sure no one would want to read.  A college bookstore should have text books for those classes that are being offered for the next semester.  Here is where my grievance comes in.

I’m taking a class at GRCC this summer, a class that happens to start on Monday.  Being the responsible student that I am I ordered the book as soon as the bookstore knew which one would be needed.  I have yet to receive the book and it is already Thursday.  The bookstore has had my order since early last week and all they can tell me is that it is currently on back order.  No idea for how long, just the fact that it’s on back order.  This really has me worried considering this class is an accelerated course; meaning they are going to cram 15 weeks of material into 7 weeks of class time, so time will be of the essence.

My professor has recently been made aware of the current book shortage and hopefully can get to the bottom of the situation.  I’m not exactly the speediest of readers so I could use as large a head start as I can.  I should mention that the class I’m taking is Macroeconomics, so you know that reading will probably not be a page-turner to say the least.

… stay tuned.  I have a feeling this class will become a hot topic in the weeks ahead.

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