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Opening Day

Spring Training is a time to work out the kinks, get back in to game shape, and get back into the groove of being a team.

In less than two days, if all goes according to plan which it rarely does, the newest addition to our little tribe will be in our midst.  I would like to think that we’re all set and prepped for Opening Day; unfortunately, since we know when he’s planned to arrive, certain items haven’t been completed or are still in a state of limbo. We could maybe use another week of Spring Training.

When Ed was on the verge of joining us on the outside all we had to go by was the due date.  We knew that there was the potential of him coming early which put us on our toes a couple weeks in advance “just in case.”  And as luck would have it, he arrived on his due date, and even with all the preparation, I had left the laptop, Kate’s overnight bag, the camera… EVERYTHING at home in the excitement of it all.

For some reason, having a planned C-Section makes it feel like he won’t come early because we have an appointment.  He’ll arrive on Tuesday, and that will be that… ultimately, I hope that is the case, not that one day will throw too big of a wrench into things, but certain items are already in place to accommodate his arrival on Tuesday; so why mess with plans, right?

But as the big day draws near, Kate gets antsy.  She sees things around the house that she feels need to be addressed before Charlie’s arrival.  I’m not too surprised as this is her nature, sometimes it is a good thing, but other times, not so much.  This would be one of those times… since we are so close to the birth day; she needs to take it easy to prevent things from being accelerated.  And keeping her low key is proving more and more difficult the closer the big day gets.  Thankfully, she has been listening to my pleas for her to take it easy and relax.  I’m more than able to do as much of the heavy lifting as necessary until she is healed up and ready to retake her position as my teammate in this game of parenting and housekeeping.

This time I feel we are more ready, Kate has her bag packed, and laundry is finishing up as I type this.  Mothers and Mother-In-Laws have their Ed assignments for the week and so long as Charlie cooperates, we should be good to go.

Bring on the baby lotion, tiny clothes, and car seat.  When the “first pitch” is thrown on Tuesday, this team will be ready to play ball.


They Say Its Your Birthday

A lot can happen in a year.  This past Saturday was my birthday… and after having to get up early to drive 40 minutes to school so I could take my first final of the semester,  I was able to return home just in time to gather up the family and roll over to my in-laws house to help decorate Christmas cookies.  And while I’m pretty sure if I had wanted to, I could have played the birthday card and went back to bed or something, but I would have felt guilty for leaving my post.  My MIL and I are the two lone frosters… everyone else (we had 6 this year… ) and I it is up to us to get the cookies frosted so they can be adorn with sprinkles, candies, and various items of deliciousness.

So I assumed my post on the east side of the island in the kitchen with seven bowls of homemade frosting between us and a pile of cookies, my MIL and I got after it.  The family time is something that I really enjoy… with Kate’s brothers living farther away than we typically travel, I really enjoy the time I can spend with them and their significant others… and hanging with the nephew is always good times too.

After cookies, we headed home for a nap for Eddie and what I thought would be a little unwind time for me… but then I remembered some of the items on my honey-do list… so I was off.  Reflector stakes to line the driveway, return cans because the box was full, try not to lose my cool while waiting for the can return machines to be fixed; making friends with a little girl in the cart in front of me was a highlight of that trip as well.

Closing out the evening was a visit with Santa and dinner with Kate and Ed, with a special viewing of The Big Lebowski made my birthday celebration complete.  Given all my little family has been though this past year, both good and bad, I think made this year’s celebration that much more sweet.  Seeing Ed so excited to give me a birthday card brought emotions to the surface I hadn’t ever felt before.  This birthday is one I shall not soon forget.

Thank you family for a wonderful celebration, you make me feel special each and every day!

Happy Birthday Pops

You would have been 55 today.

I miss you and think about you daily.

Wish You Were Here

Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!

If you were lucky enough to meet my father I guarantee you would never forget him.  He had the type of personality and charisma that would let you know that he was someone you wanted to keep an eye on; or if you were able to sidle up in order to be within ear shot of one of his many stories, you would not be disappointed.  He enjoyed having all eyes on him, especially if he had a story to tell that would result in a laugh.  He wasn’t big on telling jokes, but he knew how to tell a story to make you feel like you were there when it happened and even the most serious of events could end with a twist that would make you laugh.

My dad was not one to lose his temper or to lash out.  You could approach my dad WANTING to get into it with him, pushing whatever buttons you could to try and get a rise out of him and would take in all you said, process it, and hit you with a witty one liner that would leave you speechless and looking for the door.  He ALWAYS had a witty one  liner that would so perfectly sum up the situation or lighten the mood that regardless of the subject matter you would be ok with whatever had just happened.

If he could get one over one ya just for the sake of getting over on you he would.  Never to be malicious or vindictive, but just to poke a little fun and see what kind of mettle you had.  He was a master of wits and was never afraid to ‘go to battle.’  I really miss that about him.  He was one of the greatest conversationalist I’ve ever known.

He always took interest in whatever my siblings and I were in to, even if he had little or no idea what were talking about.  Some would say that he was just being a supportive parent, but I think it was more than that.  I think he had a quest for knowledge and wanted to learn right along with us.  He never went to college, but was able to start and grow a successful business that he had to leave when he got sick.

He would have been 54 today.

Happy Birthday Pops… I’m sure if you ask for birthday peach pie in heaven instead of birthday cake, they can probably hook that up.

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