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Listen To Your Uncle

It started Saturday morning… Ed and I were headed to my mother’s house to deliver a car seat and instructions as to the goings on upon the arrival of little bro.  The morning Charlie arrives, she is going to come and stay with Ed at our house and bring him to the hospital to meet his brother before the slew of visitors arrive that evening. We wanted Ed to be one of the first to meet the new addition.

On the way to her house, Ed says from his seat, “Dad, can you play that Pearl Jam song for me?”

“Which Pearl Jam song is that, buddy?”

“Pearl Jam.”

So I turned on the radio, thankfully I have Sirius in the truck and channel 22 is Pearl Jam Radio… 24×7 Pearl Jam… well, normally.  When it fired up a track by Green River was on.  Ed knew immediately that this wasn’t Pearl Jam; which impressed me to no end.  So I began to explain how a couple of the founding members of Pearl Jam were in Green River first.  He seemed to understand and thankfully a Pearl Jam track came on next and we jammed out the rest of the way to Grandma’s house.

Cut to later that afternoon and the family is loaded up and we’re headed to hang with some friends to the evening with a classic rock station on.  Ed asked for it to be turned up… the song in question: Rockin’ in the Free World by Neil Young.

Immediately he makes fish lips and starts nodding his head.  I notice in the mirror his enjoyment of the music and motion to Kate to take a look.  She turns around to see what he’s up to and is quickly met with a “turn around Mommy, no look at me.”  She turns around and we exchange half smiles.

Then, to top it all off, during the third chorus, Ed starts to sing along with Uncle Neil… the low sounds of his trying to sing along with “…rock in… free world” was enough to tell me that I’m doing what is needed to expose and appreciate music in some of its best forms.

I look forward to the day that Ed and his brother want to sit down with Dad and take in some tunes from my formative years.  I hope that I’m still open minded enough to give their stuff a listen as well without being too judgmental as to the sound or style of music they like.

As Uncle Neil says… Keep on Rockin’ In the Free World.  I’m confident we will be.


Can I Get a Do Over?

The injury bug has bitten a few of us here in the Sluiter house… Kate has an injured knee and has begun attending physical therapy in order for her to comfortably complete the 5k in September.  As of late last week, I seem to have stumbled upon a slight but annoying case of shin splints.  I’m in process of taking a few days off and have decided to “re-do” week 3 of the Couch To 5k plan… I was feeling really good about how well I was feeling during the jogging portions and was impressing myself as to the speed I had been able to recover after the longer runs.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to remain at my current state of fitness and haven’t backslid too much from the extra day or two off for recovery.

As some of you may have figured out, I’ve been using the plain couch to 5k podcast for my audio cues so I know when to do what.  But since it’s only a vocal cue, I’ve begun adding my own soundtrack in the background to keep things interesting.  Week 2 was a fun Cake mix, week 3 is currently a Beck mix that is rather bouncy.  It works well for the 3 minute runs, good to keep pace with.  Here we are coming up on week 4 and I’m in need of a new featured artist.  What say you?  Feel free to vote as often as you like, I’m looking for some reader input.  Cheers!

Squeeze Box

‘Cause she’s playin’ all night and the music’s all right…

What makes for a good lullaby?  I can’t speak for my wife but with the recent bouts of sleeplessness that has been plaguing our son, the old lullabies just aren’t cutting it any more.  I’ve grown tired of the old standards of Hush Little Baby and the like.

Mama’s got a squeeze box, Daddy never sleeps at night…

The past few evenings in order to “spice things up” I’ve started humming and occasionally singing tunes that I enjoy… while some are definitely not your normal put you to sleep fare when played as they were intended; I’ve managed to slow some of the faster tunes down a bit and they have seemed to work up to this point, and I’m much less bored with the low droning I make as I try to calm the boy to sleep so I can get some rest.

A few of my favorites lately have been Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe and Thin Air, and if you haven’t figured it out already Squeeze Box by The Who.  I’m pretty sure I can make just about any rock song that I’m familiar with and make it soothing enough to get Ed to sleep… I realize this isn’t an idea that hasn’t already been mass-produced on CD’s in my local music store, but where’s the fun in that?  This adds a little something extra to that father-son time… who knows, maybe someday he’ll recognize a particular tune and wonder where he’s heard that before.

‘Cause she’s playin’ all night and the music’s all right

Mama’s got a squeeze box, Daddy never sleeps at night.

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